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Tillman Kennels has been involved with bully breeds since 2014.  All dogs that are included in our breeding program must meet certain structural, temperamental, and health requirements.  

The way we raise our puppies is what sets us apart from most other kennels.  We prepare our puppies for lives in their new homes from birth with early socialization and handling that makes our puppies very well adjusted. 
Our main goal at Tillman Kennels, is to produce high quality American Bullies that are structurally correct and move with ease for show our show homes/breed enthusiasts, and provide pets with excellent temperaments to our pet homes clients.

Earning titles on our dogs is also a very important part of our breeding program. Many of our dogs have earned titles and several more will be in the near future.  We select the best from each breeding to continue certain lines with specific traits/goals in mind.
New planned breedings have been announced on our Planned Breedings page. Check back for updates on these breedings/litters. 

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All of our puppies are born and raised inside with our family.  From birth, they are socialized with our sons and handled daily.  Throughout their time here at Tillman Kennels, they are introduced to other dogs, toys, and practice standing and being handled to prepare them for their future show homes or loving pet homes.

The puppies are also taught basic manners, groomed weekly to desensitize them to nail trims and baths which makes it easier for them to be groomed in their new homes.  They are also given an early start to the concept of house training.  The puppies have a separate area to potty from where they eat/sleep/play, which teaches them to want to be clean and makes crate training or whatever method you choose, a lot easier.
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"I got a puppy from Tillman Kennels and we love our puppy.. he is almost a year now. He was very healthy had all of his shots and paperwork! The transaction was super easy and they drove to me! Holly is very responsive and helpful! I will definitely be getting my pups for her and highly recommend Tillman Kennels"
"I love this breeder! Their dogs are all good quality, beautiful dogs and they come from proven bloodlines. Not to mention I've found breeders who charge much more for their puppies. The owners are professional, and easy to work with."
"I have bought 2 of our babies from Tillman and I recommend them to anyone that asks. Our Nola and Oscar are so full of personality. They have awesome structure and socialization skills."
"Wow Holly you did a great job prepping him for a home! His first day home alone and he didn't destroy my kitchen and knew just where to potty!"
"First time dealing with a breeder and definitely won't be the last with them. The transition from start to finish was very smooth. Lots of updates and information. Thank you for the opportunity to add a new addition to my family!!"
"Tillman Kennels is a 5 star operation! They take the best care of the dogs. They all come UTD with shots and wormings. She gives you a folder with all records and pictures of the sire and dam. The puppy also comes with a collar on and then a collar and leash as she/he grows. The best of all because of the way she raises them, they already come with the concept of potty training. They are exposed to kids and other dogs and raised in a family environment = better dogs with a great temperament. I wouldn't buy another dog from anyone else but Holly Tillman of Tillman Kennels. The bonus is anytime you have questions or need help she is right there to help and guide you in the right direction or help you with whatever you need! Thanks so much Holly, for my awesome fantastic Bully - love her so much!"
"we have only had our puppy from Holly for a week, but I am so impressed already! Our boy is from Sosa & Jewels, and I have no doubt he will grow to be a near spitting image of his sire. Holly's puppies have a great start to potty training, which is wonderful - our accidents are few and far between and he is great about letting us know when he wants to go. Holly also socializes the puppies with her son, so they are used to small children, another amazing thing. His temperament is so laid back and relaxed, I believe that definitely comes from the great start these puppies get at Tillman Kennels. Holly is also available to answer any questions or help with any concerns, your communication doesn't end when you pick up your puppy, she is readily available. If we ever decide to get another puppy in the future, I will definitely go back to Tillman Kennels"
"I am very pleased with Benny's temperament, personality, and structure. My pup absolutely loves people and has done wonderfully with every single dog that he's been introduced to. Holly provided me with all of his records which made his first trip to the vet super easy. She's also taken the time to answer any questions that I've had since I've taken Benny home. Thank you for giving me a wonderful new family member, we love him!"
"Tillman Kennels is not a 5 star but 20!! From day one, Holly has answered all our questions and helped us along our puppy journey (and still continues to respond to our questions!). We have had our girl from Zeus x Diamond for a little over a week and couldn't be happier! Her personality is sooo amazing and she even came knowing the concept of potty training. Without a doubt this will not be our last puppy from Tillman Kennels!!"
"Beautiful dogs and Vision...Just purchased my first puppy and plan on being a repeat customer! Love how well these dogs and pups are cared for! Keep up the excellent work!!"​